Subscription information


ISSN: 0391-9749

Frequency: twice a year

Publication Schedule: June and December

Title, Page and Index: included in the second issue of the volume

Cancellations: are accepted and balance refunded if notified before the mailing of first issue

Subscription are accepted: on a yearly basis only

Claims: should be made within one year from the official date of issue publication

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A subscription order have to be sent to the Editor (address below), indicating the volume number or the year requested.
The subscription can be asked as an annual subscription, to be renewed annually, or as a standing order (SO), that means an automatic annual renewal will be done until a cancellation order is sent.

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Currency to be paid: € (Euro), US$
Payment is not required with the order

Price to: Customer, Agency, Institution, Library, Society, etc.
Domestic and Foreign/Overseas
------- € 100.00 -------

Backcopy price: € 77.47 from Vol. 1 to Vol. 30; € 100.00 from Vol. 31 ; 10-15% discount will be applied for a large number of copies

Surface and air mail post: No charge

Standard method of despatch: Surface for CEE countries, Airmail for others

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Payment can be made:

1) by cheque, payable to the order of EDIZIONI ETS PISA, to the address:

Edizioni ETS
   Piazza Carrara 16-19
   56126 PISA, Italy

2) on the postal c/c 14721567, to the order of EDIZIONI ETS PISA (address as above)

3) on the following bank coordinates, free of bank charge,:

CIN A ABI 06255 CAB 14011 c/c 000002427102 (for domestic payment)

IBAN: IT17 A062551411 000002427102 SWIFT BIC: BPALIT3P (for international payment)

Cassa di Risparmio di Pisa
agency of Piazza Dante 1, PISA

4) by credit card:
a) Euro Card
b) Master Card
(No. of the card and date of expiration).

Subscription orders and all the correspondence concerning the journal, not related to administrative topics, has to be sent to the Editor:

Dr. Nicola Greco - Nematologia Mediterranea
      CNR - Ist. per la Protezione delle Piante - Sez. di Bari
      via G. Amendola 165/A
      70126 BARI


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